Tri Duc Housekeeping Staff Meets Family Needs:

– Cleaning and sanitizing the house including living room, bedroom, kitchen, restroom (cleaning toilet), terrace, cleaning stairs, glass doors and your floor is always clean, cool and dust-free stamp.
– Going to the market, cooking rice, washing dishes
– Laundry for children, Laundry for family members, drying clothes, ironing
– Tri Duc housemaid has undergone the training process of the company. company.
– The housekeeper is honest, hard-working, honest, careful, and clean.
– Can do all household chores: Go to the market, cook, wash dishes, dry laundry, clean the house, clean the room, use the vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, etc. dishwasher, …
– Know how to organize work effectively.
– Be in good health, and have a medical certificate from a doctor.
– Have high responsibility for the assigned work.
– Know how to use modern household appliances.
– Other auxiliary jobs such as: house keeping, receiving water to invite guests…
– Able to communicate in English.