The busy life has taken up precious time for you and your family. But the hourly housemaid service Tri Duc understands that you always want to bring health to your loved ones and have a full, healthy, warm life without spending too much time on chores. daily errands in the house. Let the Tri Duc hourly domestic help service do that sacred thing for you. Tri Duc’s staff of hourly housekeepers are always ready to serve, aiming for the spirit of wholeheartedness for work. Tri Duc hourly housekeeperhas a very clear background, does not interfere with family, spouse, children and has many years of experience in house cleaning, office cleaning, company cleaning , cleaning hotels, restaurants, cooking, taking care of newborn babies, taking babies to school, taking care of the elderly, raising sick. Tri Duc hourly housekeeper Working “Following the Philosophy Based on Professionalism _ Dedication _ But Serving” are always honest, honest, diligent, industrious, dynamic people who see that the job is done without waiting for a sure reminder. that will satisfy your family. Hourly housekeepers – shifts – administrative – mornings and afternoons come and work according to the time (according to the contract agreed with the customer). After finishing the domestic work, the employee leaves and does not stay at the owner’s house. Time to start work and finish work no earlier or later than 15 minutes. Tri Duc hourly domestic helper referral center always puts credibility first and this is the best choice for your family. Tri Duc Hourly Housekeeping Company is a company specializing in providing human resources, domestic help, and good workers in Ho Chi Minh City, with a team of young, dynamic and professional leaders and employees, well-trained with the trust of our partners and customers. Tri Duc’s home support service has provided a lot of laborers and maids for hundreds of households in Ho Chi Minh City. The company has people in all 3 regions for customers to choose from.