TRI DUC specializes in providing domestic helpers, baby care, elderly care, health care, birth care, home tutors, accountants, office workers, hotel cleaning services, restaurant cleaning services, housekeeping services. office, housekeeping, chef, kitchen assistant, cutting board, family cooking, sales, tailor, security guard, driver, unskilled worker…etc… The company has people in all 3 regions to customers choose.

Tri Duc’s housemaid staff has a clear background, is not entangled in the family, and has many years of work experience. Tri Duc housekeepers are always honest, honest, diligent people who will satisfy your family. Tri Duc Job Center always puts credibility first and this will be the best choice for your family. Tri Duc Domestic Helper Supply Center is a Job Center specializing in providing the leading human resources, domestic help, and good workers in Ho Chi Minh City, with a team of young leaders and employees. Dynamic, professional, well-trained with the trust of our partners and customers. Tri Duc Job Center has provided a lot of laborers, maids, with many different regions for customers to choose from.

VIETNAM WORKSHOP CENTER works to bring jobs to people in need, as well as help your family find the right people, solve family problems and daily life. Tri Duc Job Center is pleased to be a companion with your family. Once again, thank you very much for trusting and choosing our company!